The Producers

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Lane and Broderick will film ''Producers''

They'll bring their Broadway roles to the big screen in Mel Brooks' musical remake of his movie comedy

''Producers'' sets sales record

As Lane and Broderick return, the Broadway show sells $3.5 million in tickets in one day

Lane says he and Broderick will rejoin ''Producers''

He says the three-month run will start Dec. 31, even though he's booked elsewhere throughout January

Lane and Broderick may return to ''The Producers''

They're mulling a three-month run in the musical they helped make Broadway's hottest ticket in 2001

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Replacing Matthew Broderick on Broadway, Steven Weber returns to the comedic form he first showed on ''Wings'' -- and then some

How Miramax met ''The Producers''

The Mel Brooks satire is just the first stage adaptation for the Weinstein brothers