The Next Joe Millionaire: An International Affair

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Do you think David chose the right Eurobabe?

The Czech model turns the cowboy down at first, then follows him to Texas where parting gifts await

The best babe is gone!

Even after a gladiator date and a hotel room rendezvous, Olinda didn't get a necklace. What's that about? asks Jennifer Armstrong

Linda dumps Cowboy Dave

The Czech model could have had it all, but her wimpiness cost Dave a shot at true love, says Liane Bonin

Joe Millionaire 2

Sacre bleu! Joe Millionaire 2 makes a sorry first impression.

Let's give ''Joe'' a second chance

Though the show seems too pleased with itself, Jennifer Armstrong still sees some charm in cowboy Dave and his European beauties

Those European women are memorable

And, as they proved on their group dates, they're just as materialistic as U.S. gals, says Liane Bonin

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Three great things about the next Joe

First, this Cowboy Joe makes Jessica Simpson look smart, and the European women are pretty funny too, says Jennifer Armstrong