The Missing

This limited series on Starz explores the lives of people who are affected by a boy’s disappearance eight years later.

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The chilling season finale of The Missing is sure to polarize viewers with its out of left field resolution to the disappearance of Oliver Hughes.
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The penultimate episode of the emotionally charged mystery miniseries brings us one step closer to the truth.
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Episode 6 unveils the aftermath of Tony's crime and reveals Ziane's shady past.
The Missing recap: 'Molly'
The fifth episode of the Golden Globe-nominated miniseries reveals the truth about Ian Garrett—and one of the skeletons in Tony's closet.
The Missing recap: 'Gone Fishing'
New leads and more questions as we finish the first half of the gripping miniseries.

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The tangled web of secrecy, suspects, and sins surrounding Oliver's disappearance grows more tangled.
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The second episode of this new Starz miniseries introduces a new suspect and delves into the shadowy pasts of our cast of characters.