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Q&A with ''The Contender'''s Sugar Ray Leonard
The boxing legend discusses the recent rise of his sport, hosting a reality show, and the death of Najai Turpin
Stallone: Don't blame ''Contender'' for boxer's suicide
''I loved this man,'' the actor says of Najai Turpin, who shot himself after his elimination from the soon-to-debut reality show
The lowdown on the match between rival boxing shows
The producers of ''The Contender'' and ''The Next Great Champ'' duke it out to see which will hit TV screens first
George Foreman joins Stallone's ''Contender''
The ex-champ drops rival boxing reality project to team with Sly and Sugar Ray Leonard

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Three boxing reality shows contend for airtime
Along with Stallone's ''Contender'' and George Foreman's untitled contest, the makers of Sly's movie franchise plan ''The Real Rocky''