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The Circle season 5 winner breaks down that shocking end: 'I had no idea what I was doing'
"I was just speaking to my mother and she's like, 'At what point did you feel like you were going to win?' I said, 'Never. Not once.'"
The Circle season 5's Tom Houghton dishes on episode 12's shocking blocking: 'I stayed loyal'
"I thought when it came to it that I'd be able to be a bit more cutthroat, but it's really hard when you get deep in there — you can't do it."
Shubham Goel talks returning to The Circle for season 5 as a catfish and that failed revolution
"The game has definitely evolved. I think there's less of an emphasis on hunting catfishes as there were in the earlier seasons and I think there's definitely a lot more strategic play."
The Circle player Trevor St. Agathe talks following in his wife's footsteps as a catfish
After DeLeesa St. Agathe won season 2, her husband attempted to catfish even better in season 4.

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The Circle season 4 winner reveals the 'cringey' flirting you didn't see
"I don't know if he was flirting with me because he was flirting, or he was flirting just to be flirting with everybody, or if he even thought it was flirting," [SPOILER] says.
The Circle boss explains how they got two Spice Girls to play as catfish
"What was so wonderful is that you got to see two Spice Girls in a domestic setting as well, which was just brilliant to begin with, and then you have them also playing the game," executive producer Toni Ireland tells EW.
Everything you need to know about The Circle season 2

Netflix's reality competition is logging back on.