The Bachelorette: Meredith

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Bachelorette Meredith and Ian break up
The pair end their relationship after a year, adding one more black mark to the show's poor track record
Ian, who said he wouldn't propose, did!
And for Meredith, who said all along that she wanted the proposal, it was a fairy-tale ending, says Jennifer Armstrong
Meredith is down to two
She said buh-bye to Chad, and even though Ian won't propose on the show, she kept him! -- oh, and Matthew too -- says Jennifer Armstrong
Meredith goes all the way... all the way home
She travels from Texas to New York -- and back to Texas with mixed results, says Jennifer Armstrong
Meredith really digs first dates
The Bachelorette seems to frolick and kiss in just about every one-on-one meeting. Hmm... sound familiar? asks Karyn L. Barr
Meredith asked for an extra rose
But even though SHE couldn't narrow it down to six, Jennifer Armstrong has already decided on the One

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Meredith doesn't go for baby talk
But she does, inexplicably, go for a guy who gave her cheesy pink slippers, says Karyn L. Barr
Boy, do these men have marriage fever!
And ticking biological clocks? Why, it's a complete role reversal, says Jennifer Armstrong