The Bachelor

This romantic reality competition series follows a gaggle of women vying for the Bachelor's heart — and a wedding proposal. Will you accept this rose?

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Zach Shallcross is the new Bachelor
Though Zach was broken-hearted after the Fantasy Suite date with Rachel, Zach will rebound with a stint on The Bachelor.
Matt James reflects on his 'frustrating' season of The Bachelor: 'It wasn't the right audience'
The opportunity to focus on diversity was "lost because everyone was afraid and sitting on their hands," James says.
The Bachelor turns 20: A 'journey' down memory lane
Two decades ago today, ABC took a gamble on a man-seeking-wife reality show called The Bachelor. EW's resident Bachelor freak Kristen Baldwin looks back on her favorite moments.
The Bachelor season finale recap: 'I don't think you're my person'
There were no winners on this season of 'The Bachelor' ... but Clayton was the biggest loser of all.
The Bachelor recap: 'Wrong f---ing answer'
Clayton's conversations with Gabby and Rachel — after the infamous "I was intimate with both of you" rose ceremony — do not go well.

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The Bachelor recap: Sorry not sorry

Clayton confronts Shanae about her trophy-throwing tantrum, and the whole group heads to Canada for the next phase of their "journey."