The Bachelor: Jesse

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Jesse and Jessica: Are they 2-gether 4-ever?

And did Tara totally freak out off camera? And the really important question: Do we care? asks Mandi Bierly

It's down to 2 -- and we've got 10 questions

Wouldn't you love to see Trish as the next Bachelorette? No? Well, Mandi Bierly has 10 MORE questions for ya, then

A-ha! The stalker is revealed -- finally!

Trish! But can it really be called stalking? And will Jesse take her up on her offer? asks Mandi Bierly

He kept the slutty one -- again!

Even though Jesse is still clueless, the show is back on track, says Mandi Bierly

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He doesn't usually kiss on a first date? Uh, right!

Oh, we get it -- he must only make out on first dates that are taped for network TV, says Mandi Bierly

How'd this ''Bachelor'' go from best to boring?

Well, Jesse's not opening up to us, the dates are lame, and Trish isn't the villain she's supposed to be, says Mandi Bierly