The Bachelor: Charlie

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''The Bachelor'': Sarah B. gets some kind of ring

Charlie seems to have given his heart to the Texas nurse, but is there any real romance left in the dating franchise?
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Charlie will choose on live ''Bachelor'' finale

Unlike in past seasons, where the decision has been taped and kept under wraps for months, O'Connell will present his final rose in real time on Monday
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''The Bachelor'': The other women stomp Sarah W.

After nearly an hour of relentless attacks, you could almost feel sorry for the self-proclaimed beauty
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''The Bachelor'': A loss for the beautiful people

Now that hilarious egomaniac Sarah W. is gone, is there any reason to still watch?
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''The Bachelor'': Falling in love with the folks

Just when it seems like everyone on this season is completely irredeemable, the women's families come to the rescue
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''The Bachelor'': As if feminism never happened

The more Charlie acts like an insensitive slob, the more the women seem to want him
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''The Bachelor'': The women show their nasty side

The bachelorettes model their trampiest clothes, but their backstabbing and bickering are far more revealing
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''The Bachelor'': The player gets real

Charlie refuses to talk the talk and focuses on what he really likes: blondes, cocktails, and cleavage
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