The Bachelor: Byron

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''The Bachelor'': The fisherman reels one in
Though the editing made us think Byron was hooked on Tanya, there was something about Mary
''The Bachelor'': Byron meets his victims
On the reunion and clip episode, the kookiest women get a chance to explain themselves, and Byron dodges a few more bullets
''The Bachelor'': The show's cheatin' heart
Both Byron and the producers dump on Cynthia; meanwhile, Mary is still haunted by the ghost of Bob
''The Bachelor'': Cheresse is chaste off the show
On the fantasy-date episode, three of the women spend the night with Byron
''The Bachelor'': How to lose a guy in two episodes
Jealous Jayne continues her meltdown, forcing Byron to put her out of her misery
''The Bachelor'': Slumber-party mayhem
Sweet Jayne has a major meltdown, so Byron naturally says goodbye to Krysta

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''The Bachelor'': A Bob reject moves in
Krysta skinny-dips, but the arrival of two former bachelorettes is the real shocker
''The Bachelor'': Shacking up, stepping out
After Byron moves into the bachelorette pad, Leina says aloha, and Krysta and Andrea tiptoe toward the edge