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E! renews ''The Anna Nicole Show''
Despite ratings dip, the reality series tracking the adventures of Anna and Sugar Pie remains E!'s most-watched show
Getting Anna-Mated
EW Presents the Play-Along Drinking Game to the Trippy-Dippy 'Anna Nicole Show'
Presenting the Anna Nicole Smith drinking game
Here's a little something to make the televised antics of our favorite former model more bearable
Is Anna Nicole Smith's series entertaining?
The former model neglects her teen son and cries over her dead husband, but Ken Tucker wonders if we should even be watching
Anna Nicole Smith's series debut sets records
Millions ignore critics to make ''The Anna Nicole Show'' the most-watched program in E!'s history and the most-watched reality premiere on basic cable
Anna Nicole Smith's TV show is an obscene train wreck
A slurring Smith debuts her E! series, but Ken Tucker says it isn't funny, it's just pathetic

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