Survivor: Vanuatu

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''Survivor'': How Chris won it all
Chris is the victor in Vanuatu after the jury decides that he was slightly less of a fibber than Twila
''Survivor'': Handicapping the finalists
Will the winner be ineffectual Scout, motormouth Eliza, player Chris, or banana-hiding Twila?
''Survivor'': The boss gets fired
Queen bee Ami's former subjects continue their revolt and tell her to buzz off
''Survivor'': Give thanks! It's a whole new game
Chris is a sitting duck, but then Twila upsets the pecking order
''Survivor'': Only one fish left in the barrel
After Chad's predictable departure, maybe we don't really need to see the women put Chris out of his misery
''Survivor'': The last days of Lopevi
Outnumbered, and choking on the reward and immunity challenges, the men don't have a wing or a prayer

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''Survivor'': The merge submerges the men
Perhaps distracted by the naked Twila, the guys get played
''Survivor'': Ranking the nine seasons
In the calm before the merge, let's see how Vanuatu rates against previous outings
''Survivor'': The women sacrifice their first man

Lava boy Jeff Probst leads his native warriors in battle against the survivors, who split up by sex