Survivor: The Amazon

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CBS bars ''Survivor'''s Jenna from posing for PETA
The network bites back at PETA, saying the ad would violate her ''contractual obligations''
The best season ever is now over
While our man Jeff Probst jet-skiied his way from the Amazon (right!), the rest of the final ep was a bit of a letdown, but still Dalton Ross wonders how any season can live up to this one
Rumble In The Jungle
Examining the Odds and Oddities Among the Final Contenders on 'Survivor: The Amazon'
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire (Really!)
Heidi proves she's not so hot, as the Survivors do their best to torch the rainforest, and Dalton Ross risks being burned, with another prediction of who'll win

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Know who'll win ''Survivor''? Check out our odds
EW takes a look at the last contestants standing -- and what could win or lose them the money
Another episode, another shocking ouster
Christy is betrayed, Rob changes alliances (again!), ''evil stepsisters'' Heidi and Jenna better watch their bony backs, and ''The Amazon'' continues to thrill, says Dalton Ross
It's the meatiest episode ever!

The reconfigured tribes are too touchy-feely, literally and figuratively. The immunity challenge is not for the weak of stomach -- and Dalton Ross should know