Survivor: Thailand

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''Thailand'''s end is -- in reality -- no shocker
Who didn't know that Brian was gonna take home the million, asks Dalton Ross, as the season ends as predictably as he predicted it would
Brian's calling the shots on the island
And now that Ted's gone, it looks like the soft-porn star/car salesman is planning on a showdown with love-to-hate-him good ole boy Clay, says Dalton Ross
Clay gets to the matter of the bottom
Little Clay is butt fixated, says Dalton Ross, Big Ted is now Medium Ted, and -- oh, yeah -- Penny's gone
Is that the ugliest immunity necklace ever?
Plus, Dalton Ross observes that Ken was too much of a threat, the new tribe name is just silly, and Brian's wife ruined his chances by bragging about Fiji
The Bachelor; Survivor: Thailand; The Real World: Las Vegas
When did reality TV get so boring? Ken Tucker trashes the snoozy, sleazy conventions of The Bachelor, Survivor, and The Real World.

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The episode where nothing happened?
Erin gets tossed -- But otherwise, nothing really happened in this weak episode of a weak season, says Dalton Ross
Sook Jai says buh-bye to Shii Ann
But the most exciting part of the episode was the spectacular non-merge, says Dalton Ross
Why Ghandia should change her name to Gone-dia

The ''Denver Diva'' has no one to blame but herself for her ouster in this week's sorta spiritless episode, says Dalton Ross