Survivor: Palau

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''Survivor: Palau'': A scorching victory

After Ian's flips flop, he surrenders, setting up Tom's inevitable win and Katie's inexplicable second place

''Survivor'': Another reward winner nearly loses

After winning a new car, Ian chooses Tom to go for a ride and nearly makes their alliance crash and burn, but it's Caryn who gets rear-ended

''Survivor'': An A for effort

On ''Survivor,'' Stephenie -- a strong player despite her weak tribe -- finally meets her fate; meanwhile, Caryn may have sealed hers

''Survivor'': More self-destructive behavior

After alienating her tribe, and having trouble eating and breathing, Janu saves Stephenie by resigning

''Survivor'': A loose cannon is fired

Coby shoots himself in the foot; meanwhile, the lone Ulong member joins Koror and provides some Steph competition

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''Survivor'': Two go in, one comes out

Ulong not only gets no mouthwash but has to attend the series' first two-person tribal council

''Survivor'': The beatings continue

Koror maintains the most one-sided domination in the show's history; plus, macho Tom kills a shark

Fun facts about the latest ''Survivor'' island

The Micronesian island Palau has such a rocky history that getting voted off the island might not be so bad