Survivor: Marquesas

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Vecepia takes the million

Ken Tucker recalls the finale's coolest (and least cool) moments

Sean gets voted off

AGAIN with the product placement, says Dalton Ross -- but at least there was some drama in the schoolteacher's departure

Survivor: Marquesas

And then there were six.... Charting the chances of the remaining sextet of Survivor: Marquesas' millionaire wannabes.

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Rob is voted off

It's getting down to the nitty-gritty, says Jessica Shaw, and now ''Survivor'' is really getting interested

Castoff Tammy dishes about Neleh and Rob

She gave up her newspaper reporting job to play ''Survivor,'' and now she's going to write a book

Zoe is the latest to be voted off

She may be the worst fibber in the world, but everyone's scrambling now -- to form new alliances, disavow old ones, and just plain trying to save their own butts, says Dalton Ross