Survivor: Guatemala

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The ''Survivor'' finale: Two sporty women face off
After refusing to eat a sacrificed chicken, Rafe lets Danni break their alliance, and she beats the less popular Stephenie
''Survivor'': The curse of the car
Despite Jeff Probst's warnings, Cindy accepts the dreaded automobile and drives herself off the show
''Survivor'': The jury gets angrier!
At one of the most entertaining Tribal Councils ever, Judd has some choice words for the former allies who betrayed him
''Survivor'': A player gets intercepted
Stephenie melts down; Rafe steps up; and Gary is benched
''Survivor'': The alliance breaks down
Jamie noodges his teammates so much that they vote him off, helping quarterback Gary avoid another sack
''Survivor'': Is this Guatemala, or Bizarro World?
On a very odd episode, hothead Judd is rational, tactless Jamie shows class, and the men cream the women...on a balance challenge!

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''Survivor'': The meanest alliance ever
After the merge, the old Nakúm members take the opportunity to bully and berate their new tribemates
''Survivor'': See ya, Yaxhá!
After winning chocolate but losing immunity, the smaller tribe goes into the merger as underdogs
''Survivor'': Let the game-playing begin!

Gary fails to hide his past as a pro quarterback, his team fumbles the immunity challenge, and Morgan gets kicked off