Survivor: Fiji

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The ''Survivor'' season finale: A matter of trust
It all came down to whether Dreamz would honor his agreement with Yau-Man
''Survivor'': There's a first time for everything
The amazing Yau-Man comes up with some new twists on the car reward and Exile Island
''Survivor'': Something to sink our teeth into
The castaways bite off more than they can chew, then refuse to flip with Alex
''Survivor'': A sitting-duck battle
The remaining Four Horsemen, Alex and Mookie, desperately try to save themselves
''Survivor'': Wishes do come true
Lisi and Dreamz battle over who is the biggest quitter; plus, Yau-Man rules!
''Survivor'': A false idol
Yau-Man, the ultimate underdog, makes progress in his pursuit of immunity

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''Survivor'': Towel-snapping incidents
After the tribal shake-up, the all-male Ravu makes Anthony flash back to traumas in the locker room
''Survivor: Fiji'': A coffee clash
The mean girls of Moto pointlessly antagonize their tribemates over a reward