Survivor: All-Stars

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Who's going to win the ''Survivor'' showdown?
It's the Bikini Babe vs. the Boston Wrangler in the all-star finale
Amber's engaged! Oh... and she won
But at least it wasn't Rob, who only dominated the game from the start, says Josh Wolk -- and the ''All-Stars'' STILL don't get it
Boston Rob hosed another one!
What do you think the final twist will be? A payout of 2 million bucks, that's what Dalton Ross thinks, plus, he cannot believe Boston Rob played Big Tom
Shii went out with a bang!
And saved an otherwise boring episode while Shii was at it, says Dalton Ross (and that's the last time we'll use ''Shii'' as a pun)

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The best episode so far this season!
But Alicia and Shii Ann are unfairly beaten up, while Amber gets to stick around for doing NOTHING, says Dalton Ross
ALL-STARS? Nah, they should call it ''No-Stars''
Not since the lamest of the seasons -- ''Thailand'' -- has any group been this boring, says Dalton Ross
Colby, the aspiring actor, acted like he was OK

While Rob dominates the game and Ethan messes up every challenge, says Dalton Ross