Stranger Things

Netflix's hit sci-fi series follows a group of kids in the '80s battling supernatural forces in Hawkins, Ind.

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Stranger Things reveals Eleven's less-than-sunny California life in season 4
The Byers moved to California to escape Hawkins, but things aren't so bright in the Golden State either.
Stranger Things 4 goes inside new haunted house with ties to Robert Englund's insane killer
Netflix revealed the Creel House, a pivotal new location in season 4 with a connection to Englund's murderous Victor Creel.
David Harbour suggested killing off the Byers' family dog on Stranger Things
"I hated that f---ing dog so bad," the actor says of his canine costar.
Stranger Things season 4 adds Freddy Krueger, Game of Thrones actors among cast additions
Horror legend Robert Englund and the man behind "Faceless Man" Jaqen H'ghar join the new season.

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The Simpsons taps Cate Blanchett, David Harbour for guest roles

A Stranger Things star and two-time Oscar winner will both lend their voices to future episodes of Fox's animated comedy. Plus a callback to the first episode!