State of Affairs

Katherine Heigl makes a return to prime time in this NBC political/espionage thriller.

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'State of Affairs' finale recap: 'Deadcheck'

Charlie is on a mission to finish what she started, everyone is ditching President Payton, and Team Briefers finally has something to celebrate.

'State of Affairs' recap: 'Here and Now'

The mission to kill Hakam and Fatah is a go, Charlie desperately tries to save Nick, and Kurt has a few more secrets up his sleeve.

'State of Affairs' recap: 'The Faithful'

Charlie and Lucas chase an escaped Ar Rissalah prisoner, President Payton makes a questionable decision, and Nick closes in on Hakam.

State of Affairs recap: 'The War at Home'

President Payton has a plan to get everyone off of her back, Nick is being hunted in the jungle, and Kurt tries to adjust to life on the outside.

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State of Affairs recap: 'Cry Havoc'

Director Navarro is in danger, Nick makes major headway with Fatah, and Charlie discovers who the mole on her team is.

State of Affairs recap: 'Ghosts'

Jack Dawkins is in danger, Nick reveals a hidden talent, and Charlie works her way back into the President's inner circle.

State of Affairs recap: 'Half the Sky'

A terrorist organization in Nigeria kidnaps bus full of girls. Charlie responds.