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OutKast and Sheryl Crow are No. 1 and 2
''Grammy Nominees 2004'' compilation, the only new release in the top 10, debuts at No. 4
OutKast retakes top slot of the album chart
Sheryl Crow ousts Alicia Keys from her weeks-long perch at No. 2
OutKast spend fifth week at No. 1
Despite post-Christmas sales slump, the duo hold onto the top spot, as does Alicia Keys at No. 2
OutKast returns to No. 1 on album chart
The hip-hop duo's double disc withstands challenges from new releases by the Strokes, Gerald Levert, and R.E.M.

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OutKast's new double set tops the album chart
The rap duo's latest fends off six other new top 10 entries, including Dave Matthews and Limp Bizkit
Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
OutKast propel hip-hop to new heights with their madly ambitious, soul-sparking solo CDs.