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The confident father-daughter duo talk about Dick's victory, their strategy to be the final two, why they're not sorry about messing with Jen, and more
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The final showdown with Daniele was an anticlimactic end to a good season
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CBS' annual experiment in TV voyeurism wraps its most controversial summer yet
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We break down the stats on contestant Amber Siyavus' flood of tears
''Big Brother'' alum Janelle on the current cast
One of the most memorable players ever shares her thoughts on Eric (''moron''), Evil Dick (''charming''), and Amber (''small-minded'')
''Big Brother'' special: EW's TV experts weigh in
The magazine's writers and editors debate by e-mail after Thursday's show

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''Big Brother'': Bimbo eruptions

On ''Big Brother,'' things are thrown seriously out of whack when Jen wins the head-of-household quiz after Carol's elimination