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...And Why Didn't These Movies Get Sequels?
Here are five flicks that did gangbusters business — one even nabbed a Best Picture nomination — but we won't be seeing second acts anytime soon... Huh?
A (very) bad week for Netflix fans
In the wake of a price hike, angry subscribers threaten a Netflix exodus while other services try to claim the refugees
Liev Schreiber: The best actor of his generation?
He lends class to blockbusters, earns raves on Broadway, and goes head-to-head with Angelina Jolie in the new thriller Salt. What else does a guy have to do to become a movie star these days?
Angelina Jolie plays a mysterious spy
Angelina Jolie's stunt guru
''Salt' reunites the action heroine with Simon Crane, her longtime stunt coordinator

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