Rock Star: Supernova

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''Rock Star: Supernova'' winner Lukas speaks
The Canadian rocker talks about backstage and on-stage rivalries and his unique look
The ''Rock Star'' finale: The band picks a winner
Agreeing with the viewers' choice, the Artists Formerly Known as Supernova finally have a lead singer
''Rock Star'': The rockers sing their own tunes
Toby triumphs, Dilana hops back on track, and Storm acts ''Ladylike''
''Rock Star'': Psychodrama among the singers
During viewers' choice week, the performances are overshadowed by a meltdown at the house
''Rock Star: Supernova'': Inevitable decisions
During acoustic week, Zayra is finally sent home, and Dilana is the first to front the band

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''Rock Star'': Two singers get the ax
The contestants try new gimmicks, but the judges winnow the field from ten down to eight
''Rock Star'': More mystifying choices
The judges seem to be concentrating on looks, so Dana the ingenue gets a tattoo