Primary Colors

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Wild Things
Sex, politics, and an 18-year-old (comedy) highlight this week's new video releases
Giving Hell To The Chief
Where's Monica when we need her? Without her, Travolta's Clinton spoof, Primary Colors, lacks a certain bite.
The Faking Of The President 1998
What happens when life starts to look a lot like art? Ask the makers of PRIMARY COLORS--they'll say they don't know what you're talking about.
Primary Colors
John Travolta hits the campaign trail as a Clinton-esque candidate in Mike Nichols' witty diversion Primary Colors.
This Week: Primary Colors and Michael Moore
This Week In Hollywood: Primary Colors and Michael Moore

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Tom Hanks is too busy for ''Primary Colors''
His schedule, not his politics, is the reason he turned down the Mike Nichols film
''Primary Colors'' is looking for a new star
John Travolta has buzz as a potential replacement for Tom Hanks in the upcoming movie