Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

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''Pirates of the Caribbean'' sets video sales record
The Johnny Depp adventure moves 11 million units its first week, more than any live-action movie ever
''Pirates''' starlet on what doesn't float her boat
Though she voices narration for the videogame based on her surprise hit, Keira Knightley is no technophile
How ''Pirates'' fits into Johnny Depp's quirky career
The actor, who has a reputation for choosing creative challenges over sure moneymakers, gets an unexpected hit in the Disney flick
''Tomb Raider'' should win the crowded movie weekend
Tobey Maguire's ''Seabiscuit'' could cross the finish line with more cash, but Angelina Jolie's ''Cradle of Life'' will be faster out of the gate
Disney says ahoy to ''Pirates'' sequel
Depp, Bloom, and Knightley will all be back, as will the writers and director

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