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The ''On the Lot'' finale: We have a winner

On the last episode of a dreadful season, Steven Spielberg pops up to end the show on a hopeful note

''On the Lot'': No news is bad news

For the first part of the big finale, the show presents films we've already seen

''On the Lot'': The guys hit the road

Even with loopy guest judge Penny Marshall, a night of car-themed films is slow going

''On the Lot'': ''Comedy'' night, again

After two directors are sent packing, the remaining six turn in (as usual) ho-hum shorts

''On the Lot'': Oh, the horror

Six tepid-to-terrible horror movies signal this show's slow march to the grave

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''On the Lot'': Reasons to believe

Four decent submission films (sorry, Jessica!) suggest that next week's comedies might not be so bad

''On the Lot'': How did they get here?

Five more contestants present bad films that somehow qualified them for the competition

''On the Lot'': The numbers drop again

Suddenly, there are only 18 wannabe directors, each of whom presents a one-minute comedy