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Reunion: 'NYPD Blue'
David Caruso, Jimmy Smits, Ricky Schroder, and Dennis Franz reveal a lot about the 1993-2005 show... just not their backsides
Dennis Franz looks back on ''NYPD Blue'''s origins
As the show signs off after 12 years, the leading man remembers the early beginnings, nudity, and, yes, even David Caruso
ABC renews ''NYPD Blue'' for one final season
Sipowicz & Co. will be back for 22 episodes in 2004-05

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Will ''NYPD Blue'' matter this year?
Tough new cast member Mark-Paul Gosselaar may bring a much-needed dramatic spark, says Ken Tucker
TV Show Review: 'NYPD Blue'

The eighth season of NYPD Blue veers off into melodrama with soapy plots and--good God!--a sugary Sipowicz.