Natural Born Killers

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Juliette Lewis looks back on media disdain for Natural Born Killers: 'They were so, so mad at us'
Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Oliver Stone film, which also stars Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr., is screening as part of L.A.'s Beyond Fest.
'Natural Born Killers' creates controversy
A lawsuit alleging that Oliver Stone's film incited a murderous road trip has put the director on the hot seat
The top ten Hollywood threats
The list includes ''Natural Born Killers,'' N.W.A., Jerry Springer, and more
Hollywood in the line of fire
After Columbine, the entertainment industry, including television shows like ''Buffy' and movies like ''Natural Born Killers,'' faces criticism
''Natural Born Killers'' gets a NC-17 rating
Oliver Stone's director's cut revells in mindless violence
Fake credits in 'Natural Born Killers'
Fake credits in 'Natural Born Killers'

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Natural Born Killers
Trent Reznor is a natural to score Oliver Stone's latest
Natural Born Killers

Ultraviolent and surreal, Oliver Stone's 'Natural Born Killers' traces the psychedelic road odyssey of two you drifters who kill for the crazy love of it.