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''Little Man'': How digital cut-and-paste made a mini-Marlon
Steve Daly talks to visual effects supervisor Alex Bicknell about how he used Marlon Wayans' head and a kid's body to create a virtual infant
''Pirates'': Already 2006's top grosser
Joshua Rich's weekend wrap-up: Disney's adventure hit brings in another $62.2 mil; meanwhile, ''Little Man'' and ''Dupree'' duke it out
Expect ''Pirates'' to break more records
Joshua Rich's prediction: ''Dead Man's Chest'' (No. 1 again -- duh!) will top $200 mil and have the best second weekend of all time

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Marlon Wayans on the crazy minds behind ''Little Man''
The actor, who plays a tiny con man in the Wayanses' latest comedy, tells Missy Schwartz about working with his brothers