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Luke Wilson says Legally Blonde cast met to talk Legally Blonde 3, are waiting for 'time to be right'
'We did have a Zoom-call get-together last summer,' Wilson said of reuniting with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Coolidge, Selma Blair, and Matthew Davis.
Jennifer Coolidge wants Legally Blonde 3 real bad so drag queens stop terrorizing her with hot dogs
"I'm gonna have to insist to Reese that we make it this year," Coolidge said, adding that she wants to give drag queens a new shtick outside of her Fourth of July hot dog scene.
Reese Witherspoon gives Legally Blonde 3 update, cites Top Gun: Maverick as inspiration
Surely this means the long-awaited threequel will see Elle Woods piloting a pink F-35 Lightning II.
Mindy Kaling boards Legally Blonde 3 as writer: 'Bend and snap, people!'
Kaling will join the writing team with Parks and Recreation's Dan Goor, which is like so totally awesome.

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