Leap of Faith

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Leap of Faith

Raul Esparza plays a shady preacher in a by-the-numbers musical based on the 1992 Steve Martin movie

Leap of Faith

Brooke Shields stars in a mostly stirring new musical based on the 1992 Steve Martin movie about a con-artist preacher

'Faith' Stealing

NBC's 'Leap of Faith' Is More Than Aware of the Joys of 'Sex'

Leap of Faith; Leap of Faith

Julia Louis-Dreyfus goes it alone with the enticing Watching Ellie, and Sex and the City wannabe Leap of Faith flops.

'Life With Bonnie' and the 2002 TV Must List

We look forward to Norm MacDonald, John Lovitz, and Carolina Rhea all moving to new projects on the small screen

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Problems for 'Leap of Faith'

How the gossipmongering behind Steve Martin's ill-fated drama started