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Late night TV returns

Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and David Letterman are back on the air, but are the shows worth watching?

Conan, Jay to return Jan. 2

After close to two months of reruns, the late-night hosts will go back on the air without their writers in early '08

Conan O'Brien paying staffers out-of-pocket

The ''Late Night'' host will pay some 75 non-writing production staffers for the foreseeable future

Jay Leno announces he'll retire -- in 2009

Jay Leno announces he'll retire -- in 2009. He'll pass the ''Tonight Show'' baton to Conan O'Brien in five years

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Canadian government condemns Conan O'Brien

French Canadians were offended by a Triumph the Insult Comic Dog segment

10 years of Conan: Late night's loon looks back

As O'Brien celebrates his 10th anniversary as host of ''The Late Show,'' he remembers his meteoric rise from laughingstock to Emmy nominee