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The ''Laguna Beach'' finale: Break-up make-ups
Breanna writes Rocky, Cameron calls Jessica, and Tessa remains alone
''Laguna Beach'': He's just not that into you
Tessa agonizes over why Derek isn't talking to her, while Rocky's new ex acts like a jerk
''Laguna Beach'': It's breakup season!
Rocky's boyfriend Alex turns from sweet to sour in one episode
''Laguna Beach'': The mysterious dance-floor hookup
At winter formal, Rocky and Alex are the cutest couple ever, but Kyndra does something naughty

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''Laguna Beach'': Kyndra's older boyfriend
A college guy named Tyler shows up to rekindle a bad relationship
''Laguna Beach'': Lauren's sister does something
Breanna, the missing link to the previous seasons, tries and fails to justify her inclusion this time
''Laguna Beach'': The kids face their futures

Over and over, the cast members say their goodbyes, and we learn about LC's new solo series