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The Snub That Still Hurts: The midcentury cool of L.A. Confidential was no match for Titanic
In the $2 billion wake of James Cameron's Oscar-gobbling megasmash, even the most critically adored films of 1997 became mere canoes — including the late Curtis Hanson's California-noir masterwork.
L.A. Confidential: Inside its iconic noir style
'Come to Los Angeles! It's paradise on Earth....That's what they tell you, anyway.'
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Plus, ''L.A. Confidential,'' Danny Glover, Pierce Brosnan, and more
Kim Basinger's role model
We look at the actress' ''L.A. Confidential'' inspiration, Veronica Lake
Crime Story
James Ellroy, author of the novel "L.A. Confidential," is jazzed that the film was nominated for nine Academy Awards,

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Is ''L.A. Confidential'' Oscar-worthy?
The film is on the Oscar shortlist, but lacks moviegoers to help it sell