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Killing Eve series finale recap: The bloody, heartbreaking end
The spy drama wraps up its four-season run with a murder-filled series finale.
Killing Eve producer breaks down the fates of Villanelle and Eve in series finale
Exec producer Sally Woodward Gentle also addresses Carolyn’s masterplan — and the future of the franchise.
Killing Eve producer says to 'steel yourself' for 'operatic' finale
Exec producer Sally Woodward Gentle prepares you for Eve and Villanelle's final chapter, plus a peek at the second-to-last episode of the spy thriller.
Killing Eve recap: Villanelle is alive, but [SPOILER] is very dead
Villanelle survived last week's attempt on her life just to make this jaw-dropping kill.
Killing Eve recap: Is [SPOILER] dead?!
A flashback takes us into Carolyn's past, while Eve goes to extremes to antagonize Helene.

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Once again, we wonder: can Villanelle ever change?
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Eve makes strides in her pursuit of Helene, while Villanelle murders her own personal Jesus.