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Justified recap: 'Cash Game'
Boyd tries to blackmail Calhoun Schreier, while Raylan and Tim have a run-in with a man named Choo-Choo.
Justified season premiere recap: 'Fate's Right Hand'
Raylan takes his first steps toward taking down Boyd Crowder, but staying within the law is more difficult than it seems.
Justified recap: Head for the Hills
The hunt for Drew Thompson momentarily unites Raylan and Boyd, who decide the best man will win (so Wynn Duffy?)
Justified recap: Goin' Home
As Raylan hunts Randall and Lindsey, Ava and Boyd make a decision about Ellen May
Justified recap: Truth and Consequences
As Raylan learns more about Lindsey and Drew Thompson, Boyd breaks some news to Billy

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Justified recap: Where's Waldo?
While Raylan's bag mystery builds, Boyd fights to keep his business from shrinking
Justified season premiere recap: Hide and Seek
Raylan and Boyd have secrets to keep, as Arlo sets a mystery in motion