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Just Shoot Me! stars, creator reunite to talk David Spade's casting, hallucinogenics, and lots of laughs
George Segal, Laura San Giacomo, Wendie Malick, Enrico Colantoni, and David Spade, as well as creator Steven Levitan and series director Pamela Fryman, look back on the NBC sitcom, now streaming on Hulu.
Just Shoot Her
Kathy Lee Gifford will not be stopped.
Thursday's Returning Shows
What's in store for favorite series like 'Will & Grace,' 'Friends,' and 'ER'

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David Spade airs his family's dirty laundry in a new series
The ''Just Shoot Me'' star mines his rotten childhood for fun and profit
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Characters on ''Just Shoot Me'' and ''NewsRadio'' don't get mad - they get evil