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R.I.P. ''Jericho''

The Skeet Ulrich drama is canceled after a fan-requested second season

''Jericho'' finale recap: This means civil war!

Jake and Hawkins go after the bomb in Cheyenne, while Stanley does the right thing back home

''Jericho'' canceled by CBS

The Skeet Ulrich series' final episode is set to air next week with a storyline intended to give fans closure

''Jericho'' recap: Delivering the bomb

Hawkins has to choose between his two contacts; plus, Jake stands up to Beck

''Jericho'' recap: Protecting Mimi

At the hospital, Jake and his people square off with Goetz and Ravenwood

''Jericho'' recap: You want a revolution?

As Hawkins investigates the conspiracy, Mimi discovers possible corruption, and the locals get restless

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''Jericho'' recap: The resistance begins

While Jake works to distribute contraband vaccine, Hawkins tries to turn Beck against the new government

Jericho resurrected

A nutty fan campaign brings CBS' cult phenomenon back from the dead