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Celebrity Jeopardy spin-off is coming, but who's going to host?
Mayim Bialik is the expected choice, but ABC says a host will be announced at a later time.
Jeopardy champ Mattea Roach's winning streak ends at 23 games
The 23-year-old Toronto tutor concludes her run in the No. 5 spot on both the all-time most consecutive games list and the all-time highest regular season winnings list.
Mattea Roach becomes third Jeopardy champ of the season to join top 10 highest-winning players
The 23-year-old tutor from Toronto has joined recent super-champs Matt Amodio and Amy Schneider among the ranks of the quiz show's highest-earning champions.
What to Watch: Jeopardy crowns the first National College Championship winner
College seniors Liz Feltner, Jaskaran Singh, and Raymond Goslow will go head-to-head for $250,000 in the tournament's two-game final.

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Jeopardy will hold first-ever Second Chance Tournament later this year
For the first time, the quiz show will give contestants who lost another shot at Jeopardy glory.
Mayim Bialik says the new National College Championship is 'like March Madness for Jeopardy'
The host talks Jeopardy's new collegiate tournament, Amy Schneider's winning streak, last year's Mike Richards debacle, and more.
Katharine McPhee was a clue on Jeopardy but says even she wouldn't have gotten the answer right

The hint stumped all three contestants, including reigning champ Amy Schneider, on Thursday's episode.