House of the Dragon (TV series)

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House of the Dragon star wants Aegon to be unpredictable: 'Season 2 will be a lot more meaty'
'The coin could flip onto any side, and we should never know which way it's gonna go,' says Tom Glynn-Carney.
House of the Dragon star Paddy Considine explains full circle moment of Viserys' deathbed vision
The actor called the death of Queen Aemma a "catalyst" for his character's sickly transformation that spiraled towards his deathbed moment.
House of the Dragon star says Larys doesn't have a foot fetish: 'I think it's weirder than that'
"The apex of his ambition is not feet," Matthew Needham explained of Ser Larys Strong's shocking scene with Queen Alicent.

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Tom Glynn-Carney eager for Aegon to 'cause more havoc' in House of the Dragon season 2
The actor told an audience at the Game of Thrones Convention that cast members are training their bodies to prepare for the "strenuous" demands of season 2.
How the House of the Dragon finale brought the first dragon battle to life

Director Greg Yaitanes revisited some cinema classics in preparation: How to Train Your Dragon and Jurassic Park.