House of Gucci (2021 Movie)

Lady Gaga and Adam Driver front Ridley Scott's grim-and-glam retelling of Patrizia Reggiani's orchestration of her fashion mogul ex-husband's murder — and it's all dressed in jaw-dropping costumes that'll have you praying to the Father, Son, and House of Gucci.

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Lady Gaga first used 'Father, Son, House of Gucci' as a real, calming prayer before filming her scenes
Gaga reveals that she recited the line as a real prayer before filming her scenes, and that it then progressed into an ad-libbed line with Jared Leto later during production.
Lady Gaga made House of Gucci a fiery Italian family home for her 'masochistic approach to acting'
Gaga, a Best Actress Oscars hopeful, tells EW that reaching emotional extremes as Patrizia Reggiani left an "indelible branding" on her soul in Ridley Scott's new movie.
Jared Leto wants to film a House of Gucci prequel with Al Pacino — and even has a title in mind
The actor says he adored his time working with his on-screen father so much that he wants to make another movie together: "Just the two of us!"
Lady Gaga 'absolutely' consulted Bradley Cooper before taking House of Gucci role
"It was the success of our artistic collaboration that landed me where I am now," Gaga tells EW's Awardist podcast of building Oscar buzz for her second lead role in a feature film.

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Adam Driver, Lady Gaga improvised feral noises in wild House of Gucci sex scene: 'We were feeling it!'

Driver tells EW how he and Gaga prepared to shoot the scene—and what it means for the characters—at the Ridley Scott film's New York City premiere.