Heroes Reborn

2015 mini-series

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Heroes Reborn recap: Company Woman
With 16 hours left before the first wave of solar radiation hits Earth, we learn more about Erica Kravid's backstory
Heroes Reborn recap: Send in the Clones
The end of the world is imminent, and everyone heads to Odessa to stop it
Heroes Reborn recap: 11:53 to Odessa
Story lines converge as some of the heroes jet 8,000 years into the future.

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Heroes Reborn recap: Sundae, Bloody Sunday
Joanne takes Emily and Caspar hostage, and Carlos and Capt. Dearing infiltrate Sunstone Manor.
Heroes Reborn recap: The Needs of the Many

Noah and Quentin try to save Molly, and Luke struggles to come to terms with his powers.