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Grimm series finale recap: 'The End’

Nick loses everyone he loves, then finds the strength to defeat evil and reclaim his world

Grimm series finale: EPs explain why Nick had to suffer

'Grimm' EPs talk Nick's impossible choice in the finale and what the Grimm-verse might look like in the future.

Grimm recap: 'Zerstörer Shrugged'

Nick loses two allies when the Zerstörer starts killing his way across Portland

Grimm recap: 'Where the Wild Things Were’

Eve and Nick step through the looking glass and discover a world ruled by Wesen

Grimm recap: 'Blood Magic’

Nick meets the godfather of death and uncovers the dark side of Wesen eldercare

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Nick and company root out the surprising relationship between two tree-based Wesen

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Hank and Wu track down a Wesen-stein's monster while Nick keeps a vigil at Eve's bedside

Grimm recap: 'El Cuegle’

Nick’s back to chasing bad guys, although this week's target may have a good motive