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For the People finale recap: Ghosts of courtrooms past
Sandra fights for her client, Seth fights for Allison, and Kate and Leonard fight their sexual tension.
For the People recap: Sandra faces her biggest fear
Sandra faces her biggest fear (hospitals), the AUSAs face theirs (working together).
For the People recap: Whose side are you on, anyway?
Jill and Roger face off in the courtroom and put their friendship at risk.
For the People recap: 'Everybody's a Superhero'
Allison doubts herself, Kate makes a new friend, and Sandra and Leonard face off in court again.
For the People recap: 'World's Greatest Judge'
Judge Nicholas Byrne realizes he is powerless against the law, and Leonard has a very interesting question for Kate Littlejohn.

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For the People recap: 'The Library Fountain'
Things get personal, as both Seth and Jill take on cases that hit close to home.
For the People recap: '18 Miles Outside of Roanoke'
Sandra Bell and Kate Littlejohn face off and things get heated, Leonard and Seth talk about the weather -- but in a lawyer-y way.