Firefly (Flashback)

Nathan Fillion stars in Joss Whedon’s tragically short-lived space western. Join us in revisiting the complete run of the series

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Firefly (Flashback) recap: Dead Weight Walking
In "The Message," Mal and company receive a dead friend in the mail, and 'Firefly' fields one of its best episodes.
Firefly (Flashback) recap: Who wants to see Nathan Fillion's butt?
If the answer is yes, then 'Trash' was for you. Otherwise: Eh.
Firefly (Flashback) recap: 'War Stories' And Other Passion Plays
Mal loses an ear and Wash gets to be Zoe for a day in a 'Firefly' classic
Firefly (Flashback) recap: 'Absence of Conscience'
See River slash Jayne. See Jayne betray River. See Mal and co. go 'Ocean's 11' in 'Ariel' 
Firefly (Flashback) recap: Running On Empty
'Out Of Gas' grasps greatness by making Mal gasp for life
Firefly (Flashback) recap: An Inconvenient Untruth
Jayne finds himself a wanted man in the irreverent 'Jaynestown'

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Firefly (Flashback) recap: Suffering Saffron!
A pre-'Mad Men' Christina Hendricks guest-stars as Mal's adoring new wife
Firefly (Flashback) recap: The Safety Dance
River is kidnapped and accused of witchery by hill folk, while Shepherd Book has some intriguing secrets