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Finding Carter canceled by MTV
The MTV series' second season was its last
Finding Carter season 2 finale recap: The Sheltering Sky and Atonement
Crash returns just as things between Carter and Jared escalate -- and someone ends up behind bars.
Finding Carter recap: The Corrections
In one hour, Jared goes from questionable boyfriend to terrifying stalker
Finding Carter recap: The Death of the Heart
A good party involves a church, drugs, and at least one death ... right?
Finding Carter recap: The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
Carter meets Jared ex, and Grant meets marijuana.
Finding Carter recap: Never Let Me Go
Carter learns about Jared's past and rekindles her connection with Lori.

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Finding Carter recap: She's Come Undone
Max learns the truth about Taylor's trip, and Carter learns the truth about Ben's foster sister.
Finding Carter recap: 'The Consequences of Longing'
Carter fixes things with Jared, and Taylor has the worst first college experience imaginable.