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Feed the Beast season 1 finale recap: Fire
Dion makes a last-ditch effort to pay his debt to the Tooth Fairy, but it may be too late
Feed The Beast recap: Be My Baby
The bodies start to pile up as the Tooth Fairy lashes out, TJ brings a gun to school, and Dion and Tommy continue to fight
Feed the Beast recap: In Lies the Truth
From Dion and Pilar to Marisa and the Tooth Fairy, everybody's hiding something
Feed the Beast recap: Tabula Rasa
Tommy and Dion manage to get a food critic inside Thirio, but his past with Dion reveals a big secret

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Feed the Beast recap: The Wild West
While the team races to fix the gas before Thirio's opening, Tommy can't get Rie and Dion's potential affair out of his mind
Feed The Beast recap: Gimme a T
While Dion struggles to get by, Tommy deals with Pilar's incompetence and stumbles upon a secret that could destroy him