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Extant recap: Double Vision / Greater Good
The two-hour season finale ties up loose ends and introduces a possible season 3.
Extant recap: Zugzwang
Molly's dream starts to come to life, and we finally meet Calderon.
Extant recap: Don't Shoot The Messenger
Molly sheds her past, Toby finally joins the right team, and we get the kiss we've been waiting for.
Extant recap: The Other Side
Molly heads to la-la land, Toby joins Team JD, and we get a new big bad.

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Extant' recap: Arms and the Humanich
Molly spends quality time with JD's baby momma, Lucy crosses the line, and we actually root for Julie.
Extant recap: You Say You Want an Evolution & The Other
Extant has a two-hour special that brings Molly, the hybrids, and the GSC to war.
Extant recap: Change Scenario

The alien show's sophomore season gets a boost in the form of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.